Poultry Projects
Many entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe with great ideas cannot access funding, training or support. ZimStart seeks to address these issues. It is our goal to turn small businesses into large companies who can contribute to the revival of the agricultural and manufacturing industries in Zimbabwe.

We work closely with successful applicants to formulate business plans and get their small businesses started. The start-up operations are divided into phases and additional funding is availed as each phase is completed. When the business starts to generate an income, the loans are repaid with a small amount of interest. The repayments are paid back to investors or used to help other applicants. Find out more about the projects we are working on by visiting the Projects section.

Accountability and transparency are critical to our work. All donations or investment are listed on our Funding page, while all expenditure is listed on our Expenses page. This information is made available to the public so that we are fully accountable to our donors and investors. Additional, more detailed financial statements can be requested for each project that we are supporting.
ZimStart needs everyone's help. We need advice, ideas and expertise, especially in the accounting and legal sectors. We also need you to help us raise awareness. In addition we need help with funding. Suppliers are also invited to submit tenders to supply the equipment and stock for each project.
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Accountability and transparency are critical to this project. Donors and investors are given a reference number - and their contributions are listed on our website. We also list all expenses so that everyone can see what's going on.
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The projects for each of our entrepreneurs are listed on the website, along with business plans that can be downloaded. The business plan details the implementation plan, and as well as budgets and items that are needed to get the business started.
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