About ZimStart

ZimStart is a community projects that seeks to assist Zimbabwean-based entrepreneurs to start small businesses and grow them into large companies. We assist with funding, training, advice and other solutions. Our work is mostly focused on the Agricultural and Manufacturing industries, although we do consider applications which focus on other sectors.

Goals & Mission

Our mission is to revive the Agricultural and Manufacturing industries in Zimbabwe, so that the country can become self-sustainable and reduce it's reliance on imports. Eventually we would also like to see increased exports. Our goals are to assist projects that have a positive impact on communities while also creating employment and job opportunities.

Our Work

ZimStart chooses the most promising projects from among the applications it receives and then works closely with the project owners to create business plans and budgets that can be broken down into phases for easier implementation. In addition to micro-financing, we also provide advice and ideas to grow and increase the profitability of small businesses after they are established while also reducing production costs. Where necessary we consult experts or provide access to training programs.  Once all phases of a project have been implemented and the business is firmly on a path to earning an income, the project will be closed, although we will still continue to assist where necessary on closed projects. New applicants and their projects will be taken on as funding and other resources allow.

Investment Opportunities

Investors are invited to browse our projects section and download business plans and budgets for any of the projects that they may be interested in. Investors are paid back when the business starts to make a revenue and are welcome to negotiate mutually beneficial terms. Although all project owners have to repay all loans, donor money is generally not paid back to donors, but is instead continually reused to assist future applicants and their projects.